Getting Around


Best to reach the conference venue is to use public transportation means. The venue is located within walking distance (5-10 mins) from the subway station “Dejvická” Line A (called Metro A) and tram lines in the vicinity:   
Lines: 8, 18, stop “Lotyšská”, stops in front of the conference venue
Lines 20, 26, stop “Dejvická", 8 mins walk
Lines: 8, 18, 20, 26, stop “Vítězné náměstí” 8 mins walk

Prague public transportation is well operating, efficient and provides dense network services across the city. Basic fare is 32 CZK (single ride adult, unlimited changing possible, ticket valid for 90mins). Other types of travel cards (1 day, 3 days…) are available as well. The tickets are best to buy in newspaper kiosks (singe-ride tickets only), slot machines in Metro stations (all types of tickets and cards) or at the airport. Prior to use, the ticket/card must be validated onboard the vehicle or prior to entering platforms in Metro. For more, pls. refer to

Driving car

Coming to the conference venue by car or driving around is generally not recommended.  Pls. note the area, and the city downtown parking is generally restricted for residents only (blue zones) or metered for short stays only. If necessary, participants can use paid public parking lot in the front of the conference venue building for 40 CZK/hour on the first come-first served basis.


Generally said, taxi fare varies around 25,- to 30,- CZK/Km plus pick-up fee and depends on the provider. If using taxi, pls. prefer “Call Taxi Services”, i.e companies like TicTac Taxi: +420-721-300-300, +420-233-333-555, AAA Taxi: +420-140-14, ProfiTaxi: +420-844-700-800, etc.